The second aim of "a world of Pinguicula" is to preserve as many species, forms and hybrids truly identified of genus Pinguicula as possible in culture and to preserve indirectly wild populations from field collection. We are convinced that the best way of preserving them is to spread cuttings of plants to as many people as possible.

You can then beg a piece back if you later loose one. Please note that we are only amateurs, not professional productors and have a limited amount of avalaible plants to exchange. CITES laws must be applied. A WORLD OF PINGUICULA is not responsable in case of no respect of the CITES laws in the links below. 


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December 2005

Valentin Schatz

- Germany -


July 2005

Peter Harbarth

- Germany -


January 2005 Bonnie - USA (Anchorage, Alaska) -  

January 2004


- France -


January 2004

Jan Flisek

- Czech republic -


January 2004

Vic Brown

- UK -



January 2004

Jean-François Fougere - France -


January 2004

Ruben Resendiz - Mexico -  

  December 2003 Markus Welge - Germany website

  December 2003 Stefan Ippenberger - Germany


  December 2003 Stefan Lenßen - Germany website


  2003 Eric Partrat  -France -  


  2003 Dr. Laurent Legendre - Australia -  

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  2003 Groupe23 - France -   /
  2003 Michael Lu - USA -  
  2003 Ed. Read - USA -   /


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You can visit virtually the collections of some members (virtual visits).


 You can find too some commercial suppliers of Pinguicula species.