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In the next months, all the species will be  described as precisely as possible and updated with all new data.

For the moment are available :

Pinguicula acuminata (E.Partrat) also in french  

Pinguicula agnata (E.Partrat) also in french

Pinguicula albida (P.Temple, J.Flisek and E.Partrat)

Pinguicula alpina (E.Partrat) also in french

Pinguicula antarctica (E.Partrat) also in french

Pinguicula 'ANPA' complex (V.Brown, E.Partrat...)

Pinguicula balcanica (E.Partrat) also in french

Pinguicula benedicta (P.Temple, S. Ippenberger and J. Flisek) 

Pinguicula bissei (L. Legendre)- under construction -

Pinguicula bohemica (Miroslav Studnicka)

Pinguicula calderoniae (Ed. Read and F. Rivadavia) 

Pinguicula calyptrata (E. Partrat) also in french   

Pinguicula caryophyllacea (L. Legendre) - under construction -

Pinguicula casabitoana (E.Partrat) also in french

Pinguicula chilensis (O.Gluch and E.Partrat)also in french

Pinguicula colimensis (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula conzattii (E.Partrat)also in french

Pinguicula corsica (S.Joly) also in french

Pinguicula crassifolia (E.Partrat) also in french

Pinguicula crenatiloba (Ed. Read, R. Resendiz and F. Rivadavia )

Pinguicula crystallina subsp hirtiflora (S. Joly, F. Zunino, E. Partrat, J. Flisek)

Pinguicula cyclosecta (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula debbertiana (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula dertosensis (S. lavayssiere, J.-R.Fierfort, E. Partrat)

Pinguicula ehlersiae (J.Flisek, E. Partrat) 

- Pinguicula sp. 'Tehuacan'  (E.Partrat)

- Pinguicula sp. Tolantongo 500m  (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula elizabethiae (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula elongata (H. Hernandez & J. Griffin)

Pinguicula emarginata (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula esseriana (E. Partrat)

Pinguicula filifolia (P.Temple, J.Flisek, Yoannis Dominguez Rodriguez and E.Partrat)-

Pinguicula fiorii  (E.Partrat, J. Flisek)

Pinguicula gracilis (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula greenwoodii (Ed. Read)

Pinguicula gigantea (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula grandiflora f. chionopetra (E. Partrat)

Pinguicula grandiflora f. pallida (E.Partrat) 

Pinguicula grandiflora subsp. rosea (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula gypsicola  (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula hemiepiphytica  (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula heterophylla  (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula ibarrae (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula immaculata (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula involuta (F. Rivadavia, E. Partrat)

Pinguicula ionantha (Bob McMorris)

Pinguicula jaraguana (Paul Temple)

Pinguicula jaumavensis (E.Partrat) 

Pinguicula laueana  (E.Partrat)  

Pinguicula leptoceras (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula lignicola (E. Partrat)

Pinguicula lilacina (F. Rivadavia and R. Resendiz) 

Pinguicula longifolia subsp. caussensis (V.Roussaly - F.Zunino)

Pinguicula longifolia subsp. longifolia  (J.F. Fougere, E. Partrat)

Pinguicula longifolia subsp. reichenbachiana (E. Partrat)

Pinguicula lusitanica (E. Partrat)

Pinguicula lutea (B. Mc Morris, Oliver Gluch, E.partrat)

Pinguicula macroceras  (E.Partrat) - under construction -

Pinguicula macroceras subsp. nortensis (P. Sebborn, A. Broome and D. Kadereit) - under construction -

Pinguicula macrophylla  (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula medusina  (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula mesophytica (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula mirandae (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula moctezumae  (E.Partrat) 

Pinguicula moranensis var. neovolcanica (E.Partrat) 

- Pinguicula moranensis 'Morelia' (E.Partrat)

- Pinguicula moranensis from El Chico (E.Partrat)

- Pinguicula moranensis from Molango  (E.Partrat)

- Pinguicula from Laguna de Zempoala (E.Partrat) 

- Pinguicula sp. Pachuca (E.Partrat)

- Pinguicula sp 'Pico de Orizaba'  (E.Partrat)

- Pinguicula sp. 'Puerto del Aire'  (E.Partrat)

- Pinguicula sp. Zacapoaxtla  (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula moranensis 'flos-mulionis'  = Pinguicula flos-mulionis   (E.Partrat) 

Pinguicula moranensis with white flower (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula moranensis 'Kirkbright'  (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula moranensis from Rio Grijalva (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula mundii (S. lavayssiere, J.-R.Fierfort, E. Partrat)

Pinguicula nevadensis (S. Lavayssiere) 

Pinguicula nivalis (F.Rivadavia, R.Resendiz and E.Partrat) 

Pinguicula parvifolia (E.Partrat) - under construction -

Pinguicula planifolia (B. Mc Morris, O. Gluch, E. Partrat)

Pinguicula poldinii   (E.Partrat)  - under construction -

Pinguicula potosiensis (R. Kastner and E.Partrat)

Pinguicula primuliflora (B. Mc Morris, O. Gluch, E. Partrat)

Pinguicula pumila (B. Mc Morris, O. Gluch, E. Partrat)

Pinguicula ramosa (J. Marabini, E.Partrat)

Pinguicula rectifolia (E.Partrat)

- Pinguicula sp. Tonala (E.Partrat)

- Pinguicula from Huahuapan (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula rotundiflora (E. Partrat) 

Pinguciula sharpii (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula sp.  (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula sp. 'Ayautla' (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula sp. "Cantina dels Racons" (E.Partrat) 

Pinguicula from Lagunas de Montebello (E.Partrat) 

Pinguicula sp. 'Sierra Mazatecas'  (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula from Sierra Obscura (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula from Sumidero (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula sp. Synalta  (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula sp. Xichu (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula stolonifera (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula takakii (F. Rivadavia and R. Resendiz)

Pinguicula utricularioides (Ed. Read - E.Partrat)

Pinguicula vallisneriifolia (J.R. Fierfort, S. Lavayssiere, E. Partrat)

Pinguicula variegata (E.Partrat)  

Pinguicula villosa (H. Rischer - E. Partrat) 

Pinguicula vulgaris f. bicolor (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula zecheri (F.Rivadavia and Ruben Resendiz Torreblanca)

    - Pinguicula sp. 'Puerto del Gallo' (E.Partrat)

Crossings (Man made or natural)

Pinguicula agnata x Pinguicula emarginata (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula x scullyi (E.Partrat)

Pinguicula x 'Seductora' (E.Partrat)