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I am always looking for new contacts living in or travelling to Africa,
South America or other tropical / subtropical places.
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Yes it is not on Pinguicula but we share the same passion for our plants and their preservation...E. Partrat

- Stefan Len▀en is building up his website on carnivorous plants here : The specific page dedicated to Pinguicula can be found here : Pinguicula

- Jean-Jacques LABAT is for me the only person in the world able to keep a multi-genus carnivorous plants collection and one of the best grower worldwide. He is in charge of a carnivorous plants nursery in south-west of France and sells top-quality plants, a good amount of my Pinguicula come from his nursery. Do you know that he is in charge too of a carnivorous plants botanical garden ?...

- Oliver Gluch, is one of the best Pinguicula grower worlwide. You can't be a true lover of the genus Pinguicula if you don't know his wonderful site.

- Serge Lavayssiere, one of the VIP in the French carnivorous plants society DIONEE and a good friend. His site is a must for all beginners and  for the others too.  

- Jean-Franšois Fougere (JEFF), keen on ants plants and Pinguicula

- Mike Wilder's web-page. Another well-known Pinguicula lover.

- Gerard Dumont, an incredible site about Sempervivum and Jovibarba. A model I would like to emulate with my own site but I am just a beginner !  

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