This site has been achieved with the help of many people :

I would like to thanks sincerely (non exhaustive list):

Laurent Legendre - Serge Lavayssiere - Oliver Gluch - Serge Mallet - Jean-Jacques Labat - Jean-Francois Fougeres - Stephane Joly - Patrice Charpentier - Peter Harbarth -  Naoki Tanabe - Jan Flisek - Thomas Cieslak - Dionee -  Stan Lampard - Edward Read - Paul Temple - Loyd Wix - Phil Wilson - Hans Luhrs - Jan Schlauer - Fabien Zunino - Andreas wistuba - the International Pinguicula Study Group - the ICPS - Joe Griffin - Heberleyn Hernandez, Ruben Resendiz and Marlene, Noah Elhardt and Forbes Conrad.

I would like to say my admiration for the Botanists envolved in the knowledge of genus Pinguicula that make this site possible with their work : L. Legendre, S. Zamudio, J. Steiger, S.J. Casper, A. Lau, H. Luhrs, Dr Kondo, Jan Schlauer, Jay Vannini, F. Rivadavia and many other no less famous.

Thanks you very much. Please go on amazing us.