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Hey Eric,
I agree with Ed, your website is one of the best! It was January of last year when Ed was in Brazil taht he showed me your site and I spent a few hours reading everything on there. And back then I absolutely no idea I'd be going to Mexico ever. It is truly a fantastic site and I'm glad to have been able to contribute to it. It always amazes me how quickly and often you are updating it!

Take Care, Fernando



" This site is a must for all who're interested in Pinguicula; vast amount of information with frequent updating & expansion. Highly recommendable to everybody ! "

" Hi Eric, If I have not emailed you already to tell you, you have a FABULOUS CP website, probably the best I have seen.  Please keep up the good work !!"


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Your site is the best on Pinguicula I ever seen on the web, many congratulations!


Just come across your web site on Pinguicula and wanted to say that this is by far the best web site I have seen.


"I was referred to your Ping site by Vic Brown in the UK. Excellent effort.  I look forward to the site growing.  It'll be a great way of sharing information about these interesting plants.  I will be sure to keep visiting."

"Hi / Bonjour, I have just discovered your website and think that it is a wonderful addition to the online CP community."


I looked at your new web site and enjoyed it very much. Excellent work! If I can help you with your project, don't hesitate to contact me (I have only seen Pinguicula in the USA, however, other than the two species I mentioned before).

Je viens de découvrir ton site sur les Pinguicula, c’est une superbe initiative de lancer un site thématique surtout sur les Grassettes.

Félicitation pour l'ouverture de ton site dédié aux Pinguiculas. Y aura-t'il une version Française, mon anglais est un peu limité?

"Salut Eric , hey mon gars , à force d'étudier la geographie du mexique tu pourras postuler à un poste de guide touristique au club med' !!!
Blague à part , j'admire ton courage à effectuer toutes ces récherches , celà pour nous les transmettre d'un simple clic de notre souris...mais il est vrai que la botanique nécessite une bonne dose de rigueur et de précision (pour celui qui veut évidemment)"


"Pas grand chose à dire ! C'est nickel propre et très pro !
Super photos...
Va falloir que je mette à jour ma page de liens..."


"Je viens enfin de prendre le temps de parcourir ton site. Superbe. Tes cartes du Mexique sont très bonnes pour le site mais pour nos discussions, on aura besoin de plus de précisions sur les formations rocheuses"


"I am almost without words to say how I felt when I saw your website, especially the descriptions of plants section. It has been a long time since I have seen something that has truly caught my attention to such a degree. I have always envisioned a website with such information, but you have exceeded any hopes. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!


"Aujourd'hui j'ai regardé un peu ton site internet. Où est-ce que tu as trouvé toutes ces photos des différentes localisations au Mexique? Quel boulot! Mes félicitations!"


ouinnnnnn!!! <--- je viens de sortir de ton site.. ;o)