The aim of the cooperative bank is to re-distributes the Pinguicula seeds among the growers.


It is a non-commercial organisation : seeds are exchanged and not saled.


How do the cooperative bank works :

You collect points by donating seeds and can use your points to order seeds.


Donating seeds :

Send an email to with the list of Pinguicula seeds and approximative amount you can send.

We will send you all datas by email, plus our postal address (in France).


The scale (2008*) :

Donating seeds : 1 point per species or 2 points per species for large amounts (please read the Wild Seed Collection Policy from the International Carnivorous Plants Society).


Ordering seeds :

Send an email to with the list of seeds requested. We will reserved you the seeds after checking the amount of points you have. If your request is validated, you must send to the postal address (in France) that you will received by email :

- a non-stamped self-addressed envelope

- an IRC (International Reply Coupon) or a french stamp.

- a paper mentioning the seeds requested with your full name and address.

After 2 weeks, if we have not received the requested envelope and IRC, your order will be cancelled.


Available seed list


(last update : August 21th 2008)


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 The collector must keep in mind that it may exist local, national, and international laws when collecting seed. It is the collector's responsability to respect it. A WORLD OF PINGUICULA are not responsable for non respect of the laws by the collector. We do not accept seeds that are mentioned in the CITES.

* The scale may change according to the stock level. We hope in a near future to offer a scale of 1 per 1.