by Dr Alfred LAU

- in 2004 ?- 

- Exclusivity of " A world of Pinguicula " -

“Most of the Pinguicula population are confined to 2000 - 3000m altitude from the Chihuahua – Sonora border to Oaxaca (and Chiapas, continued in Guatemala and Belize), and from Jalisco on the West, to Tamaulipas in the Northeast. Botanists will certainly discover still more species in Mexico heretofore unknown and undescribed.”   Alfred Lau.

An incredible booklet sold for helping Alfred Lau to help young indians children in Mexico and Belize.

with exclusives colour pictures of plants in nature :

P. laueana, P. orchioides, P. cyclosecta, P. heterophylla, P. immaculata, P. lilacina, P. sharpii, P. reticulata, P. jaumavensis, P. agnata, P. gigantea and many other undescribed up to now species from Sierra Obscura, Santiago Zacatepec,  Santa Maria Yucuhiti, Santiago Nuyoo, Yosundua, Sierra Huichol in Nayaritto, Belize... to discover in nature.