(By Dr Laurent Legendre and Eric Partrat)


Unfortunately, it is a fact of life that if you grow Pinguicula there will always be the possibility of an insect infestation, hostile or not for our plants and/or a disease.


By taking a few simple precautions, we can lessen the chances of insects or diseases threatening our Pinguicula considerably.


- Always use clean pots and planters when repotting.


- Always use new (or even sterile) potting soil. Using garden soil can have disastrous effects for exemple.


- Isolate any new plants for a month or so, and check them frequently for signs of insects or disease. This also applies to any of your plants that may have been outside for the summer and that will be hosted in indoors terrarium for winter with others year round inside.


- Promptly remove dead flowers or leaves as source of infestation.


- Examine your plants regularly (daily is a minimum and I would also say sometimes when night as comes for catching night predators) and then, don't wait for them to start looking sad


- Proper watering, appropriate soil, care and fresh moving air make an healthy Pinguicula which is more resistant to insect or diseases problems.





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