(By Noah Elhardt and Forbes Conrad, , 2006

(All pictures by Noah Elhardt and Forbes Conrad)


P. medusina in habitat in Laguna Encatada,Oaxaca, Mexico.



P. medusina is P. heterophylla's pretty cousin. Or perhaps even a sister.

This population is growing on a steep gypsum hillside, along with Selaginella, Penstemons, Agaves, and other xerophytic plants.










The plants were slightly larger and their leaves more recumbant (& sparse) than the P. heterophylla just north of here. As you can see they were also coloured much more brightly red.


more on P. medusina can be read on the specific species page.

Some of the plants were quite large:






The leaf-tip plantlets that can be used to easily distinguish the species from P. heterophylla:

More on P. medusina in habitat :

Postcard N5 by F. Rivadavia

And finally, as with the P. heterophylla, a flower with a flower thrips:







Noah Elhardt and Forbes Conrad