(By Noah Elhardt and Forbes Conrad, , 2006

(All pictures by Noah Elhardt and Forbes Conrad)


P. heterophylla in habitat in Oaxaca



We're in Oaxaca now. I really like this place... I think I might just come and live down here some day. Everything grows like a weed and the food and the culture is amazing !



Our first stop in Oaxaca was at a P. heterophylla site. This site and its vegetation was nothing li<<Sélection dans le document>>ke the P. heterophylla site that we had visited previously in Guerrerro. This one was a xerophytic landscape filled with drought-tolerant shrubs and cacti such as Saguaros:



The plants were growing in some sort of calcerous soil interlaced with crystals and other geological formations:


These plants were much more compact (<9 cm.) than the plants at the Guerrerro population. Many of these plants also had reddish coloration, unlike the Guerrerro plants which were all pure green.



A begonia growing alongside P. heterophylla :


A typical flower :

Two variations:

A flower with a flower thrips on it. These were pretty common both here and at the P. medusina site:

Hope you enjoy !


Noah Elhardt and Forbes Conrad